As a company committed to combat poverty


Cooperation between business and charitable organisations is becoming increasingly important. Social problems can only be solved if all social forces work together. Sustainable development and poverty reduction in Switzerland and abroad needs partners who work together to achieve this. Consumers increasingly expect companies to actively take on social responsibility.

Set a strong example with your Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Show your employees, customers and partners how, together with Caritas Switzerland, you are making a positive and sustainable contribution to the future of society. The Caritas brand enjoys a consistently high level of credibility among the public. This means we are the ideal partner for your company’s effective social commitment.

We will be pleased to show you how you can successfully combine your social commitment with your corporate objectives. With our many and varied forms of cooperation and projects in Switzerland and abroad, we are ready to take the next step with you.



Caritas Company – Partnership models


Strategic Partnership

Become a strategic partner of Caritas and support a specific project, programme or theme with a substantial amount starting from CHF 250 000.- over a period of at least 3 years. In return, you benefit from extensive communicative services with which you can reach your customers and partners in the long term. Such a partnership can be designed individually and according to your needs. The focus here is on achieving great things together. We would be happy to develop a strong concept that is tailored to your company. Get in touch with us.

Sunrise UPC – Strategic Caritas Partner

Since 2020, Sunrise UPC has worked with Caritas to promote the digital participation of people affected by or at risk of poverty in Switzerland. In practice, this involves enabling access to the online world and developing digital skills. For people who are living at or below the subsistence level, this enables more active participation in society and gives them a better chance of finding work. ‘With Caritas Switzerland and its pilot project ‘Promoting digital access and skills’ we have found the perfect partner’, says André Krause, CEO of Sunrise UPC. ‘The staff decided freely whether they want to donate their budget for a Christmas meal or arrange a meal in conformity with Corona rules. Sunrise UPC was enthused by the idea and doubled the amount.’

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Project Partnership

As a project partner of Caritas, you support our activities with an amount of between CHF 10 000.- and CHF 249 000.- for at least 2 years. You support a specific Caritas project in Switzerland or abroad. Your targeted help can also be given in the form of skills and networks. In return, you benefit from various communicative services depending on the donation volume. Let us jointly evaluate which Caritas project is perfectly suited to your company and for your Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Get in touch with us, we will be glad to advise you. Here you find a selection of projects in Switzerland and abroad for which we need support.

Mars Switzerland – Caritas Project Partner

As part of the rebranding of the brand Ben’s Original™ and the new brand promise of ‘A Seat at the Table for Everyone’, Mars is entering into a project partnership with Caritas Switzerland: Together with Caritas, Mars works to promote the ‘Bon Lieu’ project and thus supports families experiencing poverty by giving them access to healthy meals in the restaurant. In practice, we jointly enable the realization of four new Bon Lieu restaurants. Thanks to a differentiated price structure, less privileged families and people in need can enjoy a family meal, for example, in a welcoming environment. This promotes social integration and gives people an opportunity to participate in normal life.

Bernhard Rehrl, Managing Director of Mars Switzerland: ‘We are proud to have found strong partners in Switzerland with Caritas Switzerland and the SV Foundation. We are pleased to support the aim of Bon Lieu to give disadvantaged families and those in need the opportunity to feel included and welcome and to enjoy a tasty meal together. This partnership will also enable us to actively promote our cooperation with our customers and partners.’


KulturLegi – Offering partner

Become a KulturLegi offering partner of Caritas and give people on a small budget discounted access to your offers. As offering partner, you give holders of the KulturLegi discounts of between 30% and 70% on offers in the areas of culture, sport/leisure, education and health. At present, around 3 600 private and public-sector organisations from these sectors are on board and give more than 120 000 holders of the KulturLegi the opportunity of social participation – despite their financial difficulties. Thanks to the offering partnership, you gain new customers and strengthen your public image. 

Seabix AG – Offering partner of the Caritas KulturLegi

Thierry Kramis, CEO Seabix AG: ‘We are very pleased to be part of Caritas’ KulturLegi project by having introduced mobile subscriptions at special rates for families and single people with a low disposable income. Together with Caritas and all offering partners, we thus help to promote the integration of people affected by poverty into society.’

Funding Partnership

Become Funding Partner

Become a funding partner of Caritas and, as a committed company, support people and families affected by poverty with a targeted fundraising campaign by involving your employees, customers, partners or the general public. The donation volume and time scale of the support can be flexible. The collected amount goes to help a Caritas project of your choice. Your contribution is used efficiently and makes an impact where it is needed - with people affected by poverty.

Payot & Orell Füssli: Funding Partner of Caritas

In 2018, the bookseller Payot in French-speaking Switzerland launched the ‘Fair Friday’ campaign. It gives customers the option of rounding up their invoice amount at the checkout and donate the difference to Caritas. Orell Füssli is the first large retailer to implement ‘Fair Friday’ in German-speaking Switzerland. Customers can decide whether they want to donate 20% of their shopping bill to Caritas or get a 20% discount on their purchases. Companies such as Mofakult and Calida also support the ‘Fair Friday’ project and hence people affected by poverty in Switzerland.