Find out who our most important corporate partners are

Aldi Suisse

Since 2012, Aldi Suisse and Caritas Switzerland have enjoyed a close partnership. Together, we help families affected by poverty in Switzerland. In addition to supporting the Caritas Markets and the Clothing Centre, Aldi Swiss donates the proceeds from the annual product action directly to Caritas Switzerland.


Together with Caritas, Sunrise has encouraged the digital participation of people affected by and at risk of poverty in Switzerland since 2000. This includes access to the online world and enhancing digital skills. For people who live at or below the poverty line, it means they can participate more actively in society and have greater opportunities in the world of work.

Mars Schweiz

Marts Schweiz works with Caritas to support the «Bon Lieu» project. Through a differentiated price range, we support families affected by poverty with access to healthy meals in a restaurant. This promotes social integration and gives people an opportunity to participate in social life.

Other partners

The list of partners is not conclusive. We would be pleased to hear from you.


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