Poverty reduction 

Every twelfth person in Switzerland lives in poverty. 

More than 700'000 people are affected by poverty in Switzerland. Many others subsist just above the poverty line. They have to rely on support to secure their livelihood. But it is about more than financial issues. The Caritas projects also encourage participation in social life and create more scope for action for people affected by poverty. All the services and measures contribute to a Switzerland without poverty.  


Poverty reduction in Switzerland 

A good life for all 

A Switzerland without poverty is possible, but not a reality today. Every twelfth person in Switzerland lives in poverty. It is mainly due to the social, political and economic framework conditions that result in people being affected by or at risk of poverty Caritas fights, alleviates and prevents poverty. 

Facts about poverty reduction Figures from 2021



have a Culture Pass, which gives them a discount for culture and sport.



are actively engaged to support disadvantaged children 


advice sessions

could be conducted by the Caritas debt counselling service 


mountain farming families

received 1’523 weeks of support from 1’206 Caritas volunteers 

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Header image: Altersarmut ist keine Seltenheit – Personen über 65 sind überdurchschnittlich oft von Armut betroffen. © Alexandra Wey