Project insight from the canton of Fribourg
Project insight from the canton of Fribourg

Asylum and integration

Commitment to support asylum seekers, refugees and migrants

Asylum seekers, recognised refugees and disadvantaged migrants are often confronted with obstacles when trying to build a future in Switzerland. This exposes them to great risks of poverty. Caritas Switzerland supports them in a number of different ways: In the cantons of Fribourg and Schwyz, it carries out service mandates for the accommodation and care of asylum seekers and refugees. In addition, Caritas offers legal advice and representation as well as repatriation advice. In other projects, it promotes social participation.

For a Switzerland based on solidarity

Protecting the rights of migrants

Caritas Switzerland advocates for the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. Our projects help to enable migrants to live in Switzerland in dignity and participate in social life.

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