With your support, we can alleviate the needs of the poorest 

Together we make a difference. We offer exciting and sustainable projects that we implement with your help. We guarantee quality, efficiency and transparency. Together, we tackle the root causes and make a lasting impact in favour of people affected by poverty in Switzerland and worldwide. 

Are you looking for a particular project in Switzerland or abroad? Do you feel strongly about certain matters? Contact us. We will be pleased to support you in the search for the suitable project in one of our areas of activity.

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Invest in our current projects or develop new ones together with us. We look forward to an interesting conversation with you. 

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Achieving goals together 

Your partnership with Caritas Switzerland 

We not only fight symptoms but change the system. Thanks to our political commitment and scientifically robust groundwork we reduce poverty sustainably in Switzerland and worldwide. 

How your donation helps Figures from 2021



directly benefited from the project



recieved acces to clean water and danitary facilities



profited from climate adaptation measures



were able to meet their basic needs in an emergency situation

Nina Zenklusen

Nina Zenklusen

Head Institutional Fundraising

Foundations, cantons, cities, municipalities

+41 41 419 22

Header image: Schoolchildren in Cambodia © Nicolas Honore