Protection and perspectives for migrating people 

For many people, migration is a strategy to escape from poverty and threatening situations. But many migrants face great dangers and uncertainties in the process. Our projects give protection to people who are fleeing and create new perspectives.  We meet basic needs, offer legal advice and psychological support and make educational opportunities available. We also promote integration into the host society. 

Selected projects Engagement for humane migration

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Right to a life in dignity

Enabling safe migration 

Leaving one’s own country and living in dignified conditions – that is a human right, regardless of nationality, religion, gender or any other status. With its projects, Caritas contributes to self-determined, dignified and safe migration. 

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in flight could be looked after by Caritas




in flight received support to build an independent life




of all the people supported while fleeing were children




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Header image: A mother and her three children are standing outside their accommodation in a refugee camp in Lebanon. © Alexandra Wey