Caritas Switzerland

Caritas Switzerland prevents, alleviates and combats poverty in Switzerland and worldwide in around 20 countries.


Together with the network of Regional Caritas Organisations, Caritas Switzerland is actively engaged wherever people in wealthy Switzerland are affected by poverty: families, single parents, the unemployed, and the working poor. Caritas looks after asylum seekers and refugees and organises volunteer placements.

Globally, Caritas provides emergency relief in disasters and is actively involved in reconstruction work. With its projects in development cooperation, Caritas works in the areas of food security, water, climate change, disaster prevention, migration as well as education for children and adults.

Caritas Switzerland is an independent association with its head office in Lucerne. The aid agency is a member of the international Caritas network. This comprises 165 organisations worldwide.


Executive Board

Hugo Fasel
Director Caritas Switzerland
hfaselnot shown@caritasto make life hard for spam

Bruno Bertschy
Projects Switzerland 
bbertschynot shown@caritasto make life hard for spam

Chantal Cornaz
Human Ressources
ccornaznot shown@caritasto make life hard for spam

Franziska Koller
International Cooperation
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 Marianne Hochuli
Research and Policy
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Elisabeth Karagiannis
Communication and Marketing 
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Hans Krummenacher-Wüest
Finance and Administration 
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Steering Board

Mariangela Wallimann-Bornatico
President Caritas Switzerland
lic. jur., General Secretary Federal Assembly, Wabern BE

Robert Moser
Vice-President Caritas Switzerland
deacon, Steg VS

Max Elmiger
lic. theol., Director Caritas Zurich, Zurich

Mario Slongo
Dr. Dr. hc. chemist and meteorlogist, Tafers FR

Gisèle Girgis-Musy 
lic. oec.,
Leutwil AG

Erwin Tanner
Dr. iur./lic. theol., General Secretary SBK, Fribourg

Elisabeth Baume-Schneider
lic. ès. sc. soc., Direktorin EESP Lausanne

  • Mission Statement: «I am Caritas»
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  • Organisation Chart Caritas Switzerland: Association
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Caritas Switzerland
P.O. Box
CH-6002 Luzern


Account at the Swiss Post Office:
PC 60-7000-4, IBAN CH69 0900 0000 6000 7000 4 

For transfers in EURO:
IBAN CH09 0024 8248 7074 2500 1

For transfers in US Dollars: 
IBAN CH41 0024 8248 7074 2500 7