Executive and steering board

This is us

Caritas Switzerland is an independent association based in Lucerne. The Steering Board consists of six members and a President. The Executive Board also consists of seven people. 

Executive board

Peter Lack

Director Caritas Switzerland


Hans Krummenacher

Finance and Administration


Françoise Vogel

Françoise Vogel

Projects Switzerland


Chantal Cornaz

Human Ressources


Franziska Koller

International Cooperation


Elisabeth Karagiannis

Communication and Marketing


Andreas Lustenberger

Research and Policy


Steering board

Monika Maire-Hefti

President Caritas Switzerland

Robert Moser

Vice-President Caritas Switzerland

Deacon, Steg VS

Gülcan Akkaya

Lecturer and project manager at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Social Work, Lucerne

Gisèle Girgis-Musy

lic. oec., Leutwil AG

Jean-Noël Maillard

Director Caritas Jura

Mario Slongo

Dr. Dr. hc. chemist and meteorlogist, Tafers FR

Martin Wey

Dr. iur., lawyer and notary

Header image: Employee in action © Fabian Biasio