Weather data helps farmers to improve their productivity

Climate project in Tajikistan

The soil in Tajikistan is exhausted – a consequence of deforestation, overgrazing and climate change. That is why the harvests of the farming families are getting ever smaller, natural disasters are more frequent and more intense. Caritas provides the farmers with early warning systems and agricultural decision-making tools that are based on new data on the weather, water and climate. This enables the farming families to increase their yield and adapt to climate change. It is the only way they can secure their livelihoods.





6 million Swiss franks


01.04.2021 - 31.03.2025

Project areas

Upper Rasht Valley and Khatlon-Region

Target group

Households in rural and mountain regions, administration and authorities at district and national level

Project number


Project in detail

Thanks to the acquired knowledge about sustainable agricultural practices, the fields worked by this farmer in the district of Muminabad in Tajikistan have changed fundamentally between 2012 and 2020. The soil can absorb and store the water better, the risk of erosion and flooding has been substantially reduced.

«In the past, we often lost half of our harvests because of the changing weather. Now, our fruit trees thrive again thanks to adapted methods. Many farmers are copying us and can improve their income significantly.»Mirzoev Sunnatullo (60)Small farmer
In Zusammenarbeit mit ihrem neuen Partner MeteoSchweiz liefert Caritas Schweiz den Bäuerinnen und Bauern in Tadschikistan genaue Wetterdaten. So können sie den günstigsten Zeitpunkt zur Aussaat oder Ernte bestimmen. Im ganzen Land werden dazu kostengünstige Wetterstationen installiert. Die Bäuerinnen und Bauern verfeinern die Wettermodelle noch, indem sie ihre Wetterbeobachtungen an eine zentrale Stelle liefern. © Abdullo Media/Caritas Schweiz
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The project is financed by:

  • SDC
  • Caritas Switzerland

Header image: Staff member, Bakhtiyor Ashurov, talks with Shokirjon Shamirov and his neighbor about the weather stations that provide valuable data to farmers. © Reto Albertalli