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Lasting reduction of poverty in Switzerland and abroad

Caritas Switzerland prevents, alleviates and fights against poverty in Switzerland and worldwide in around 20 countries.

Together with the regional Caritas organisations, Caritas works to support people who are affected by poverty in Switzerland: families, single parents, the unemployed, the working poor. Caritas Switzerland has a range of offers in the areas of fighting poverty, asylum and integration.

Globally, Caritas Switzerland provides emergency relief in disasters and helps with reconstruction. With its projects in development cooperation, Caritas is active in the fields of income, children and migration for children and adults.

Caritas Switzerland is an independent association with its Head Office in Lucerne. The aid organisation is a member of the international Caritas network. This comprises more than 160 organisations throughout the world.

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We are committed to a world

  • that is guided by solidarity, justice and peace
  • that respects the inviolable dignity and the rights of every person
  • whose strength is measured by the wellbeing of the weak
  • that recognises that the richness and abundance of creation are the common heritage of all people
  • in which all people have access to food, water, health, education and work


Date 2015

Mission Statement «I am Caritas» of Caritas Switzerland

Date 2015

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Dates January 2016

Organisation Chart of Association Caritas Switzerland

Dates January 2016

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January 2023

Organisation chart Head Office Caritas Switzerland

January 2023

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Caritas Switzerland

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