Increased income for the poorest: holistic and systemic


People experiencing poverty often have no, or an extremely low, income and at the same time are exposed to risks that threaten their livelihood. Caritas Switzerland pursues the goal of enabling youth, smallholder farmers and other vulnerable people to increase their income sustainably through enhancing their skills and by integrating them in the agricultural market system.


With its holistic approach, Caritas Switzerland helps people to escape from poverty and strengthen their resilience. To achieve this, Caritas Switzerland sets two priorities: Market system development, and employment and capabilities.

Market system development

Participation in markets can help poor people like smallholder families, small entrepreneurs and vulnerable workers to increase their income through increased sales, cost reduction and better working conditions. At the same time, successful integration into market systems depends not only on the capacities of the producers or other actors, but also on many additional factors and rules that shape and influence the market system. Caritas Switzerland complements market analyses with socio-economic analyses and environmental and climate surveys to ensure socially, ecologically and economically meaningful and sustainable practices.

Employment and capabilities

Since the ability to work offers the greatest potential for people in poverty to improve their situation, decent employment opportunities
are of key importance in combating poverty. With the focus on employment and capabilities, Caritas Switzerland concentrates on the development of professional skills. The vulnerable part of the population who do not have a vocational qualification or cannot find suitable employment, in particular young people, women, minorities or the rural population in general, is thus enabled to (re)enter the world of work and helped to successfully compete in the labour market. Skills that are in demand in the labour market are strengthened in vocational training and further training programmes, enhancing jobseekers’ chances of employment.


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Specific information on our methods and tools

The handbook Essence of Learning - Learning support in crises contexts can be found on the page regarding Humanitarian Aid.

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