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Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian needs are growing throughout the world. Caritas Switzerland provides emergency and transitional aid for people in acute crisis and disaster situations. 


Natural disasters, violent conflicts and numerous complex and protracted crises are creating increased humanitarian needs on a global scale. People are faced with emergency situations that threaten their survival, and which stretch the response capacity of the state and society beyond its limits.

Caritas Switzerland helps the people affected by humanitarian crises and disasters to ensure their survival, overcome a life-threatening situation and build a future. In its actions, it adheres without compromise to the fundamental humanitarian principles of humanity, independence, neutrality and impartiality. Caritas adapts the concrete measures it takes to the type and scale of the disaster:

  • In acute crisis situations, Caritas helps those affected to meet their basic needs by providing goods, cash and services. For example, it distributes food or items for everyday use, ensures access to drinking water, provides cash or vouchers, or creates income generating opportunities.
  • Caritas invests in both temporary and permanent reconstruction. Taking account of local building traditions and materials, it supports people in building, reconstructing or rehabilitating private homes, schools and other infrastructure.

Providing comprehensive and sustainable assistance: that is Caritas Switzerland’s approach to humanitarian aid. It is why, for example, measures of disaster risk reduction form part of rehabilitation and reconstruction, and why the protection of the population forms the basis of Caritas' work in protracted crises. 

Humanitarian aid does not operate in an isolated environment. The poorest people are always the most vulnerable in a disaster or a crisis. That is why Caritas places the resilience of the population, the promotion of equity and, wherever possible, enabling human development, at the centre of humanitarian aid. 


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Further information

  • Flyer : Humanitarian Aid
    File format: pdf / 388 KB
    We support communities in acute humanitarian crisis situations by providing goods, cash and services to cover their basic needs, as well as by investing in the setting up, rehabilitation and reconstruction of temporary and permanent housing and public infrastructure. Download
  • Excerpt IC Programme 2020: Humanitarian Aid
    File format: pdf / 279 KB
    On a global scale, humanitarian needs are growing due to natural hazards, violent conflicts and numerous complex and protracted crises. On one hand, extreme weather events and climatic changes, combined with increased exposure, are becoming more common and have an increasingly severe human and economic impact. It is estimated that the number of people affected by disaster per year has increased from an average of 55 million between the 1960s and 1990s to around 200 million between the 1990s and 2015 (CRED 2015). Download

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