What we do in Switzerland

Caritas Switzerland is committed to helping people in Switzerland who are affected by poverty and are socially disadvantaged.


Caritas Market 
People with a very low income can buy food items and toiletries at greatly reduced prices in the Caritas Market. Thanks to these savings, they have greater financial flexibility. More

Fight against Poverty
In Switzerland, around 530,000 people are affected by poverty. Although the state protects them against absolute poverty, financial difficulties often carry with them a social stigma, which can then lead to social isolation, Caritas offers support to people affected by poverty and is also concerned with the causes of poverty. Offers include:

  • the Caritas Culture Pass, with which people affected by poverty can participate in social life.
  • debt counselling through different channels, such as the Caritas website, free and anonymous telephone and online advice, as well as personal advice sessions. 
  • Restaurants Bon-Lieu, where people with low incomes can eat out for a lower price. 
  • free holidays for families.
  • support for children who are socially disadvantaged by a project where volunteers give their time and attention to school children. 
  • mountain action: Volunteer help for Swiss mountain farming families in need. 

Asylum and migration
Caritas looks after asylum seekers, temporarily admitted persons and recognised refugees. It provides accommodation and offers courses, advice and help with repatriation. In addition, Caritas considers equal opportunities and participation as central concerns. The focal points are young people, mutual understanding and the prevention of female circumcision. 

Caritas Care
Caritas looks after older people in their home or visits them on an hourly basis regularly in their neighbourhood. Volunteers support seriously ill and dying people at home, in hospital or in a nursing home. In addition, Caritas offers further training for care homes and making Living Wills. 

Family placement 
Caritas supports families with children and young people in difficult situations by placing them with host families. In Central Switzerland, Caritas also places child refugees with families. 

Disaster relief 
Thunderstorms and natural disasters in Switzerland cause a lot of upheaval and the loss of precious, irreplaceable items for the people affected, as well as unexpected financial burdens in many instances. In hardship cases, Caritas Switzerland provides help, in cooperation with Swiss Solidarity. 

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