Using wetlands sustainably and improving food security

Mali: Project P190029

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Modeste Traoré war früher Fischer. Da der Lac Wegnia durch den Klimawandel langsam austrocknet, wurde Modeste Bauer. Mit nachhaltigen und ressourcenschonenden Anbaumethoden und dem Gebrauch von Bio-Dünger erntet er genug, um seine Familie ernähren zu können. Mali, 2021.
«We have learned, for example, that a more generous spreading of the seeds on the land results in a considerable increase in the yield. There has been a real change in our lives. We now have enough to eat and are independent.»Modeste Traoré (57)vegetable and fruit farmer

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2'721'592 Swiss Francs

Project area

Mali, region Kolokani, Wegnia

Target groups

6'000 direct and  32'000 indirect beneficiaries

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