Inheritance and legacy 

Doing good beyond your life and leaving your mark 

Do you want your solidarity and humanity to continue beyond your life? Is it important to you that your estate improves the lives of people in need and poverty? 

Many people who show lifelong compassion for those less fortunate also want to do good beyond their lifetime. With a will, you determine the distribution of your estate. It means you yourself decide how you distribute your assets so your ideals and values will live on. With an inheritance or a legacy in favour of Caritas Switzerland, your solidarity leaves behind a long-term mark. 

Settling the estate and the will 

How to write a legal will? Who inherits how much? Find out all the important information about the subject of wills and use our sample will for writing your personal will. 

Arrangement of all retirement provisions 

How do I arrange my life in a self-determined way until the end? In addition to the will and for a self-determined provision, additional documents are important. With the Caritas pension folder, you will find everything you need to know about your personal provision and will receive checklists and documents: power of attorney, living will and arrangements in the event of death. Have it sent to your home. 

Header image: © Andreas Schwaiger