Caritas Switzerland as an employer

Caritas Switzerland is an attractive and fair employer with diverse and challenging tasks. Our personnel policy is designed to meet high standards of quality and cost-effectiveness, as well as the needs of our employees. Around 413 employees are dedicated to achieving Caritas Switzerland’s objectives: A fairer world, whose strength is measured by the well-being of the weak, and in which every individual has access to food, water, health, education and work.


Caritas Switzerland’s organisational culture is characterised by mutual understanding and trust. It serves as an important basis for a constructive working environment and a high degree of job satisfaction among the employees. Moreover, it helps to attract and retain skilled and motivated staff.

Cooperation in the organisation is guided by the values set out in our Mission Statement. We support and encourage the individual and shared responsibility of every single employee. Women and men have equal opportunities in all operational matters. We practise an active form of social partnership by mediating collaboration between employer and employees through dialogue.

Employment conditions

We offer progressive employment conditions. This includes flexible annual working time, five to six weeks holiday (depending on age) and generous social benefits. Caritas Switzerland promotes equality of opportunity for women and men, as well as the compatibility of work and family through part-time jobs, including in executive positions, with 16 weeks maternity leave, in-house child allowances and support for childcare (nursery places).

Staff development

Caritas Switzerland places great value on skilled and motivated employees who are deployed and promoted according to their abilities. Staff and organisational development supports the employees in maintaining their skills, facing new challenges with confidence, and furthering their professional development. Our employees benefit from a wide range of in-house and external training opportunities. Caritas Switzerland is keen for executive staff to pursue continuous development of their leadership and management skills.
The staff and organisational development desk also accompanies teams and organisational units in change processes and reorganisations and supports them in the development and promotion of their culture.

Vocational Training

Education is a key concern for Caritas Switzerland – it therefore strongly supports vocational training. We offer training places in the field of basic commercial training, specialising in services and administration. Our trainees complete a commercial apprenticeship with the Federal certificate of proficiency (EFZ), attend Commercial College (WML) or pursue a traineeship as a clerical assistant (EBA- Federal vocational certificate). We also provide training for a media technologist. Our trainees are supported by qualified vocational trainers. New vacancies for traineeships and apprenticeships are posted after the summer holidays on our Website as well as on the job portals or, where the selection process is also explained.

Workplace Health Management (WHM)

Caritas Switzerland places great value on healthy and motivated employees. With its in-house Workplace Health Management, Caritas Switzerland designs, manages and directs its operational structures and processes to promote health. For employees, there are offers relating to health promotion (sports courses, resilience, mindfulness), ergonomics, occupational safety, leadership, case and absence management.  


Adherence to equal pay for women and men

Fair wages and equal treatment of the sexes are a matter of course for Caritas Switzerland. To this end, Caritas Switzerland regularly analyses its payroll system for any inequalities. Caritas Switzerland is certified with the Fair-Pay label TOP which guarantees that there is no difference in pay between women and men, that equal pay is established using the Federal government’s Standard Analysis Method (SAMB), and that the implementation was checked and confirmed by the Federal Office for Gender Equality (www.fair-pay/caritas). 



  • 413 employees (excl. employees in the project countries)
  • 326.76 full-time post 
  • 263 locally employed staff in project countries
  • 63% women, 37% men 
  • 63% employees with part-time posts
  • Average age 42.8 years
  • Mission Statement Caritas Switzerland
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