Caritas Schweiz en Violent armed attack against Caritas Switzerland staff in South Sudan

On the afternoon of August 9, 2022, a violent armed attack occurred in South Sudan in Ikwotos County, Eastern Equatoria State, against a convoy with six local Caritas Switzerland staff members.

Top quality of Caritas Switzerland’s work confirmed

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) published the report of its ‘Audit of subsidies to Swiss NGO partners in the humanitarian field’ on 27 June. The report confirms that Caritas Switzerland implements its international cooperation programmes efficiently and at the highest quality.

Caritas Switzerland seeks 1500 volunteers to support mountain farmer families in need

Caritas Switzerland is looking for volunteers for the summer who will actively support mountain farmer families in need. We are looking for people who want to be hands-on, who value getting an insight into a new world, are mentally and physically healthy and want to secure the livelihoods of the mountain farmers.

Caritas supports self-determined, dignified and safe migration

Caritas Switzerland supports the moving film ‘The Last Shelter’, which tells of the great temptation to leave one’s home country even if one risks one’s life in the process. The film is set in Gao, in northern Mali, and in the House of Migrants, which was founded in 2009 by Caritas Mali. It was shown in March at the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) in Geneva.

Coronavirus crisis highlights need: Caritas steps up assistance for people experiencing poverty

The coronavirus crisis has increased the need for support services provided by Caritas. Caritas Switzerland and the Regional Caritas Organisations are therefore strengthening their assistance in various areas...

Coronavirus crisis reinforces gender inequality in Switzerland

Women are disproportionately affected by the coronavirus crisis. This reinforces a trend which is confirmed by figures on poverty every year...

New Executive Director of Caritas Switzerland

Caritas Switzerland’s Steering Committee has selected Peter Lack as Director of Caritas Switzerland. The current director of the Swiss Samaritan Federation has broad experience in the management of Non-Profit Organisations. He will take up the position in mid-April 2022.

Addressing climate change through innovation and partnership

Caritas Switzerland seeks to ensure that Switzerland contributes to greater climate justice – by substantially reducing its own greenhouse gases and at the same time supporting climate-exposed countries and vulnerable people in adapting to the devastating consequences of  the climate crisis. How this can function is demonstrated by an international, innovative project in collaboration with numerous partners, which supplies farmers in Tajikistan with vital weather data.

Help for the people in Nepal in the coronavirus pandemic

Nepal, one of the poorest countries in Asia, is struggling with a massive outbreak of coronavirus. Caritas Switzerland supports the Nepalese Caritas with emergency aid. In particular, it is improving medical care for the disadvantaged population groups.

10 years of the Syrian war: A catastrophe without end

After ten years of war, humanitarian aid in Syria and the neighbouring countries continues to be vital. Since the beginning of the crisis, Caritas Switzerland has implemented aid programmes...

Caritas improves the living conditions of refugees stranded in Bosnia-Herzegovina

More than 7,000 people on their way to Western Europe are stuck in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The border crossings with Croatia are closed. The refugees are living in appalling conditions...

Protection and security for Ethiopian refugees in Sudan

The fighting in northern Ethiopia has displaced more than 50,000 people to neighbouring Sudan in two months. There they live in cramped camps under the most difficult humanitarian conditions. With Covid-19, a new peril threatens. Caritas Switzerland is supporting the emergency relief.

The corona crisis exacerbates poverty in Switzerland

Even before the corona crisis, 600,000 people in Switzerland were experiencing poverty. The crisis has further aggravated the poverty situation in Switzerland and made it visible in many areas...

Caritas calls for the protection and admission of refugees after the catastrophic fire on Lesbos

Caritas Switzerland is deeply concerned about the fire disaster in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. It is high time for Switzerland to take action.

Explosion in Beirut: Another disaster in a crisis-ridden country

Last night's explosion in the port of Beirut has hit a country which, in the middle of the Corona pandemic, is already on the brink of economic and social collapse. The people now need our support more than ever.

200 earthquake-proof houses for the people on Sulawesi in Indonesia

More than a year has passed since the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Sulawesi. The need for aid is still huge. With the support of Swiss Solidarity, Caritas is starting an additional reconstruction project amounting to CHF 1.5 million: 200 private homes will be repaired. At the same time, valuable knowledge in earthquake-proof construction will be passed on.

Switzerland has not been able to reduce its poverty

Despite several years of good economic activity and record low unemployment figures, Switzerland is still unable to reduce its poverty: for five years, the number of people affected by poverty has been increasing. Already from the age of 46, a person’s social welfare risk increases. In Caritas Switzerland’s recently published social almanac, established experts show how social assistance can be better anchored in the social security system.

The humanitarian situation is escalating in north-east Syria

The civilian population in Syria is exposed to fresh violence and need. More than 176,000 people have already fled their homes as a result of the military offensive in the north-east of the country. Tens of thousands more families could be forced to flee in the coming days and weeks. Thanks to its long-term involvement in the country, Caritas is able to quickly provide assistance to those affected.

Caritas begins reconstruction work on Sulawesi

Ten months after the major catastrophe in the Palu region of Indonesia, Caritas Switzerland is initiating a new phase of its assistance to the affected population. In five villages, it is restoring the water infrastructure for 1100 households. Also, 525 families can earn an income with clean-up work.

Prix Caritas goes to Brazil

The Prix Caritas 2019 was presented in Lucerne to Frei Adailson Quintino dos Santos and Lucimar Correa in honour of their work with the Organisation São Martinho. Pascale Baeriswyl, State Secretary of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) of Switzerland, paid tribute to the commitment of the award recipients. For decades, they have striven to further child and youth protection as well as children's rights in Brazil. The main focus of their efforts is on deprived children and adolescents who are exposed to violence through having to live on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.  

Switzerland should invest in Syria’s future ‒ with a training initiative in the construction sector

After eight years of war, humanitarian aid in and around Syria remains vital. In the last eight years, Caritas Switzerland has committed more than 40 million Swiss francs and is now increasingly investing in education and income generation. Caritas considers that Switzer-land, too, has an obligation to make a long-term and structural commitment. The Federal government should use the funds it has saved in recent years from development cooperation to offer the people in Syria and the neighbouring countries work and an income in the con-struction sector.

Aid to Syria must not diminish

A three-day international conference on Syria starts in Brussels today. Aid agencies active in the conflict region, including Caritas, are expressing their concern that the readiness of the international community to provide assistance is diminishing. 

Ensuring protection and care to people affected by female genital cutting

According to estimates, up to 15,000 girls or women living in Switzerland have undergone or are at risk of female genital cutting. They all have a right to protection and appropriate care. 

Switzerland must be a pioneer in climate policy

Countries are doing far too little to stop climate change, with devastating consequences for developing countries. In its new position paper on the climate crisis, Caritas is calling on Switzerland to take responsibility and assume a leading role at the climate conference in Poland starting on 3 December – out of solidarity with the poorest and most vulnerable communities, but also in the country's own interest.

Caritas emergency relief in Indonesia: Water, hygiene and childcare

Caritas Switzerland is supporting the victims of the earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi at the end of September, by providing extensive emergency relief...

Two million Swiss francs for emergency relief in East Africa
The situation in East Africa has deteriorated sharply in the past few months. Caritas is stepping up its emergency relief in the region and is providing a total amount of two million Swiss francs for this purpose... ]]>
Prix Caritas goes to Cambodia

The Prix Caritas 2018 was presented in Lucerne to the Cambodian doctor Sovannarith Sam. Yves Serra, CEO and President of Georg Fischer, paid tribute to the award winner’s commitment. He has been actively engaged in promoting child protection and children’s rights in Cambodia for decades. At the core of his efforts are disadvantaged children who have become victims of enslavement, human trafficking and prostitution.

Emergency relief of one million francs to help Rohingya refugees

Caritas Switzerland is intensifying its emergency aid and survival support for the Rohingya who fled Myanmar to Bangladesh in September of last year. In the face of the upcoming monsoon rains and associated storms, Caritas is providing emergency relief of one million francs.

Five additional schools for Nepal

Exactly three years have passed since Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake. Together with Swiss Solidarity, Caritas Switzerland supports the people in the severely affected Sindhupalchok district in the reconstruction of their schools. Because their need is so great, Caritas has now embarked, in cooperation with the Swiss Red Cross and Helvetas, on the construction of five additional schools. A total of 36 earthquake-proof and child-friendly schools will be rebuilt by July 2019.

Switzerland must strengthen its humanitarian commitment to Syrians
The Syrian conflict has now been going on for seven years. Assad is more firmly in the saddle than ever. The people who have fled to neighbouring countries or to Europe cannot return home in the near future. Greater support for the Syrians displaced by the war is urgent. ]]>
Access to water is a human right

The facts are sobering: Two billion people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water, and more than 2.5 billion are not able to use sanitary facilities. World Water Day on 22 March draws attention to these serious shortcomings. Caritas is committed to promoting universal and equitable access to water and hygiene for all. 

Excellent donation result
In 2017, Caritas Switzerland recorded an outstanding donation income of 34.3 million Swiss francs.  ]]>
Winter aid for Syrian and Jordanian families
In Syria and Jordan, many impoverished families are vulnerable to the cold winter weather. Caritas Switzerland has taken measures to enable them to better protect themselves.  ]]>
Information platform sheds light on female genital cutting
In Switzerland, around 14,700 women and girls are affected by or threatened with female genital cutting (FGM/C). They have a right to protection and support. For the first time, a nationwide Swiss platform is providing key information. ]]>