Corporate Volunteering in the Clothing Centre

Get actively involved together with your team and experience a day in the Clothing Centre of Caritas Switzerland in Emmen in the canton of Lucerne. Here, around 650 tons of clothes are sorted every year. Together with your team, you will help on site and get a glimpse behind the scenes.


Our offer for companies


Activities and Group Size

The Clothing Centre of Caritas Switzerland collects and sorts textiles and makes them available for re-use. In a corporate volunteering action with your team, you get actively involved and gain an insight into a social project. You also find out a lot of interesting facts about poverty, sustainability and social integration.

The action is suitable for groups of between five and 20 participants. We will be pleased to organise the day’s programme according to your wishes. You can choose full-day or half-day actions. Your team mainly helps with sorting clothes. Other activities that arise (for example support with unloading clothing donations) are possible. Volunteering activities in small groups spread over several days can also be arranged.


Event costs and programme contribution

The event costs amount to CHF 120 per person (excl. travel) for a full-day action. These costs cover the following services:

  • Organisation of the action
  • Welcome drink
  • Lunch
  • 1 hr. guided tour of the Clothing Centre
  • Drinks and nibbles with professional input about the Clothing Centre

Corporate volunteering actions at Caritas Switzerland are associated with a programme contribution of CHF 1 000 per action. We consider the amount of the programme contribution as a guideline. In this way, you provide significant support for people affected by poverty in Switzerland.

Costs excl. VAT.


Registration process for companies

Are you interested in a corporate volunteering action in the Clothing Centre? We will be pleased to support you in organising it. The capacity for group actions is limited, so early registration, at least a month in advance, is necessary.

If you are interested, please contact Raphaela Fasel, Director Clothing Centre at 041 269 00 30, rfaselnot shown@caritasto make life hard for spam