Disaster relief worker


Natural disasters, famine and war: They leave behind desperate people without livelihoods. Rapid aid for these women, children and men is vital. As a disaster relief worker, you are on the spot; and help to save lives.

How your sponsorship helps


children, women and men

reached by Caritas Switzerland with its disaster relief.




francs were spent by Caritas Switzerland on disaster relief and prevention.




learnt with Caritas Switzerland how they can better adapt to climate change.


As a disaster relief worker, you are on the spot and help to save lives.
Your data is safe with us.

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Hamdije Djaferi

Hamdije Djaferi

Administration of Sponsorships

+41 41 419 23 19patenschaften@caritas.ch

Header image: Rapid aid is particularly important in the event of disasters. For this reason, whenever possible, Caritas Switzerland works with local partner organisations that are already on the ground and can start providing aid immediately. © Francisco Yosores