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Millions of innocent families suffer worldwide and in Switzerland from the consequences of poverty. Hunger, wars, natural disasters and the disregard for basic human rights threaten children, women and men. Every family should be allowed to live in dignity and security. As a Caritas Star, you support the strengthening of food security of small farming families in Mali, covering the basic needs of fleeing families in Burkina Faso, or combating poverty in Switzerland. With just 10 Swiss francs a month, you bring optimism.

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was received by Caritas Switzerland from the Caritas Stars.




learnt to strengthen the sustainable use of natural resources with Caritas Switzerland. This was particularly the case in the areas of pastureland and forestry as well as energy efficiency.



women and men

have found better employment worldwide thanks to long-term income-generating projects organised by Caritas Switzerland.


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Hamdije Djaferi

Hamdije Djaferi

Administration of Sponsorships

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