Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Romania

Assistance for the victims of the war in Ukraine

Caritas Switzerland implements an emergency aid programme and provides people in Ukraine with basic necessities. In the neighbouring countries of Poland, Moldova and Romania, Caritas Switzerland supports emergency aid for the reception, accommodation and care of refugees.


The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is disastrous. There is a lack of necessary goods such as food, water and medicine. Those who have fled and those left behind are traumatised by the horrors of war.


Caritas helps people in need in Ukraine

Many people from all parts of the country, especially from the east of the country, are fleeing their homes. They seek shelter within the country or try to escape across the border to neighbouring countries. In more than 60 social centres and with mobile teams, Caritas in Ukraine provides people throughout the country with the necessities of life: places to sleep, food, clean drinking water, hygiene articles and medicines. Thousands of Caritas workers provide this assistance to internally displaced persons and those who have stayed.

In addition, many volunteers have also come forward to hand out food, provide transport and help on site. Women and children in particular receive important support, for example through the Child Friendly Spaces Initiative, which enables children to participate in sports and recreational activities in order better to cope with the psychological stress. 

Since the beginning of the war, Caritas has assisted more than a million people across Ukraine with food, water, and hygiene items. Every day, around 2,500 internally displaced and homeless people find a place to stay in one of Caritas' many temporary shelters.

Due to the war action, humanitarian work has to be interrupted in some places for the safety of staff and beneficiaries. Evacuated employees continue to work with great dedication from a distance.


Aid in the neighbouring countries

More than 6 million people have already fled across the borders to neighbouring countries. The care for and accommodation of these people is very challenging for these countries.

Caritas Switzerland provides emergency aid in cooperation with local Caritas organisations in Poland, Romania and Moldova. The people fleeing are provided with basic necessities such as food parcels, medicine and hygiene products. In addition to reception centres, where refugees are given a place to sleep for a few days, longer-term accommodation has also been set up. Vulnerable people such as e.g. evacuated children from orphanages in Ukraine are sheltered in these places. Initial psychological support and legal counselling are further pillars of the emergency aid. 


The project in Poland is supported by Swiss Solidarity.

Caritas Switzerland will also provide support for Caritas Slovakia emergency aid actions.

The needs will continue to be enormous in the coming months and will continue for years to come. Caritas Switzerland is therefore planning a long-term commitment in Ukraine and neighbouring countries and is in urgent need of support.


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