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Assistance for the victims of the war in Syria

After more than nine years of conflict in Syria, not only is the scale of the destruction immense, the economy is also on its knees. The living conditions of the civilian population remain unimaginably difficult. More than 11 million people have been forced to flee their homes, approximately half of them children. Since 2012, Caritas Switzerland has provided emergency relief and long-term support in Syria, but also in the neighbouring countries of Jordan and Lebanon.


A civil war has been raging in Syria since March 2011, with still no political solution in sight. The war has led to the greatest humanitarian disaster in history: According to the United Nations (UNOCHA), 6.2 million Syrians are displaced in their own country. In Syria, a total of 11.7 million people depend on humanitarian aid. At least 5.6 million others have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, which places a huge burden on social cohesion as well as on public services in the host countries.

Multiple displacements, destroyed livelihoods, as well as lack of access to services and everyday necessities have led to extremely difficult living conditions. Insecurity and the lack of long-term prospects drive people, after nine years of conflict, always between hope and fear, to the brink of exhaustion. At present, the conditions for a coordinated return of the refugees are still not in place


Caritas' humanitarian assistance

Since April 2012, Caritas Switzerland has carried out emergency aid projects with partner organisations in order to meet people’s most pressing needs. It has also continually expanded its work in the areas of education and income generation. Children make up half of the refugees. Often, they have no access to good quality education. The longer the people are unable to return home, the more important it is for them to be able to find ways of generating an income at their temporary place of residence so they do not become permanently dependent on emergency aid.

Caritas' humanitarian assistance


Emergency relief for vulnerable families and education for children

The people in Syria are fighting for survival. Caritas Switzerland has provided emergency relief since the beginning of the crisis, above all to meet basic needs. It currently supports families in Aleppo and Damascus with cash assistance. They receive monthly payments for a year while local partner organisations are strengthened.

Due to the war, there has been a massive increase in school drop-out rates and interrupted education. In the Eastern Ghouta region, which has been particularly hard hit by the war, Caritas is rebuilding destroyed schools and providing psychosocial and learning support.



Confronting impoverishment with emergency aid and income generation

Jordan currently provides shelter for more than 650 000 registered Syrian refugees, and approximately the same number of unregistered refugees. The labour and housing market is stretched to its limits in an already structurally weak country. Poverty is on the rise and the people are increasingly vulnerable.

Since 2012, Caritas Switzerland has provided aid in four provinces to cover basic needs and to promote income opportunities. Today, Caritas supports families with cash transfers to survive during the Corona crisis.



Education and sustained poverty reduction

No country in the world has more refugees per capita than Lebanon. The school system, the labour and housing markets are at their limits.

Caritas trains teachers by means of a child-oriented teaching model and thus creates a positive learning environment for refugee children and disadvantaged Lebanese children. The model is to be officially embedded in the school system. Caritas is also improving young people’s access to the labour market with its educational offers.

With a social housing project, Caritas is creating decent housing, income opportunities and at the same time a longer-term financing mechanism for social projects.


Since 2012 Caritas Switzerland has provided aid for the victims of the Syrian war amounting to a total of 62,8 million Swiss francs (including projects which are currently running). Around 584,000 people have benefited from the aid until the end of 2019. Swiss Solidarity supports the Caritas projects.


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