Situated in the heart of Central Asia, Tajikistan has some of the highest mountain peaks in the world. Only around 30 per cent of the land area of the mountainous country are suitable for agricultural use. People suffer as a result of natural disasters, the climate crisis and the consequences of deforestation. For this reason, food security is a constant challenge.

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In the mountainous regions of Tajikistan in particular, people suffer great poverty. Caritas Switzerland has been actively engaged in Tajikistan since 1997, to promote agricultural systems with innovative projects and reduce the risks of natural disasters.

Overview in figures

Sources: Human Development Report, UNESCO, UNFPA (as of 2022)

  • Total population: 10 million
  • Poverty index (proportion of people affected by poverty): 7%
  • Prosperity indicator (total 191 states): rank 122
  • Gross National Income per capita: USD 4'548
  • Life expectancy at birth: 73 years
  • Child mortality: 2%
  • Literacy rate (age 15 and over): 100%
  • CO2 emissions per capita: 1 ton

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Header image: The people in the mountainous areas secure their basic needs with innovative agricultural projects. © Abdullo Media