Aid for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip

Caritas works with its partner organization on the ground

Your donation for the people of Gaza

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is disastrous. Hundreds of thousands of people urgently need help. Together with its partner organization, Caritas Switzerland provides aid to the suffering civilian population.

Due to the extremely brutal assault by Hamas armed fighters, Israel has declared a state of war. The prevailing violence, the immeasurable suffering of the civilian population in Israel and the Gaza Strip, and the massive destruction resulting from the war are shocking.

The people of the Gaza Strip lack everything. Public infrastructure such as electricity and water supplies have been severely affected. Those affected are in urgent need of water, food, medicine and hygiene items. So far, the needs could hardly be met with the approved aid supplies.

«The humanitarian situation is catastrophic. We are doing everything we can to help the people in need. Protecting and providing first aid to the civilian population is our top priority.»Petra winigerleiterin katastrophenhilfe bei Caritas Schweiz

Since mid-October, electricity has been repeatedly interrupted in the Gaza Strip. The fuel shortage is also affecting the basic food supply. Hardly any bread can be baked and there is a lack of cooking facilities and fuel. For this reason, people are eating the few raw vegetables and unripe fruits that are left. The cattle are threatened with starvation due to the lack of food and water.

How you can help

More than two million people in the Gaza Strip are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Please support our engagement today with a donation. Together, we are helping to alleviate the greatest suffering. We thank you sincerely for your support.

Your donation for the people of Gaza
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How Caritas Switzerland helps the civilian population in the Gaza Strip

Our partner organization CRS has been active in the Gaza Strip for decades and is doing its utmost to help the civilian population, even under the current aggravated circumstances.

«Our presence on the ground and close collaboration with other local partners allows us to respond immediately and continuously to urgent needs and closely monitor safety.»cRS

Cash assistance and support for emergency shelters

Since the outbreak of the recent fighting, CRS has been able to support 19'300 households, a total of 115'590 people, in the Gaza Strip with small amounts of cash. In addition, support has been provided to four facilities that have been converted into shelters for 1'500 internally displaced persons. Due to a lack of fuel and damaged roads, CRS employees use donkey carts to distribute cash aid in Gaza.

Relief supplies

In Cairo, CRS has set up a logistics center to prepare aid deliveries. The implementation of the delivery of aid has been very complex. Many of the staff on the ground have themselves had to flee the armed conflicts. Communication lines have been interrupted time and again, and the security situation is extremely tense.

Nevertheless, the first humanitarian relief supplies from CRS reached the Gaza Strip on November 1'000 families were provided with bedding. This first delivery is part of a larger operation that will take place in the coming weeks and includes mattresses, blankets and mats for 3,550 families.

Further actions

Further actions will be implemented in the Gaza Strip as quickly as possible. Emergency shelters will be created for the people, which will also provide access to water and sanitary facilities. Families and individuals will be provided with food, hygiene products and other essential goods. There will also be a focus on psychological first aid. Specialists will be on hand to help those affected and offer support in coping with trauma.

The human being at the center of our commitment

Caritas Switzerland and the entire Caritas network, of which CRS is a part, are committed to the humanitarian principles of impartiality and independence. In this humanitarian crisis, the focus of the commitment is on the suffering civilian population.

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