Zwei Bäuerinnen und ein Bauer im Dorf Wegnia in Mali
Zwei Bäuerinnen und ein Bauer im Dorf Wegnia in Mali

World without hunger


800 million people worldwide are undernourished. Every day, thousands of children die from the consequences of hunger and malnutrition. With concerted efforts, hunger can be eliminated. Support Caritas in the fight against hunger.

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learnt how to achieve better yields and a secure income in training courses.




francs invested Caritas Switzerland in projects that contribute to an increased income and thus to better care for the poorest.



children, women and men

have been reached by Caritas Switzerland's long-term food security projects.


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Hamdije Djaferi

Hamdije Djaferi

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Header image: Two female farmers and one male farmer in the village of Wegnia in Mali © John Kalapo