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Country Programme of Chad

The current country programme Chad (2012-2016) aims to contribute to improving the socioeconomic conditions of the poor population supported by Caritas Switzerland's partner organisations.


Areas of intervention
Caritas Switzerland basically focuses on one single area, namely food security / sovereignty including rural microfinance. In addition, it intervenes on a case-by-case basis in the field of humanitarian assistance.

    Objectives by area

  • Food security / sovereignty Sustainable increase in incomes of agricultural producers by adding value to their products (processing) and through strengthened market orientation; improved access for producers to appropriate financial services adapted to their needs; enhanced lobbying and negotiating capacities of partner organisations in order for them to be able to influence policies on food security / sovereignty.
  • Humanitarian assistance: Ensure the survival of a specific target group taking into account their development potential in the post-emergency phase.

Target groups
Caritas Switzerland’s country programme is primarily targeting the disadvantaged and marginalized rural population in the areas of operation of our partner organisations.&nb

RegionsTotal PopulationMenWomanRural Population
LOGONE OCCIDENTAL683,293331,545351,748519,722
MOYEN CHARI598,284295,940302,344463,978
CHARI BAGUIRMI621,785309,019312,766552,453

Geographical priorities
Between 2012 and 2016, Caritas Switzerland focuses its operations mainly on the Southern part of the country, i.e. the regions of Moyen Chari, Mandoul, Logone and East Mayo Kebbi, in addition to Guéra in the Sahel region and Rural N'Djamena (Chari Baguirmi). With a SDC mandate won end 2014, another geographical zone was included into the country programm : the Logone Orientale.


The current programme is being implemented and supervised at the headquarters by a Program Manager as well as an Program Officer in charge of Chad and Mali (Sahel Program). In addition, since December 2009 we have had a coordination office in N'Djamena run by a representative and a team of four (4) staff.

Poverty is a complex phenomenon combining social, economic, human, physical and environmental dimensions. A programme to reduce poverty must take into account the different dimensions of poverty through an approach that integrates all of them. Sustainable poverty reduction must build people's capacity to develop strategies that reduce their vulnerability and at the same time their dependency on external assistance.

Increase and diversification of production in a preserved environment as well as market access are the two main thrusts of this programme. All Caritas interventions in Chad can be structured in a M4P scheme (donut). We have to move beyond subsistence agriculture and to combine increase in productivity with market access for smallholder farmers who provide the bulk of agricultural production in Chad. Consequently,

  • agricultural producers and their organisations must know the needs and preferences of consumers and be familiar with the market and its functioning;
  • production must be market-oriented (one must sell in order to be able to produce!)
  • producers need to know the other players of the value chain and to cooperate with them, both upstream and downstream the chain.

Caritas Switzerland’s partner organisations will provide the necessary support to implement the value chain approach. The partner microfinance institutions will facilitate access to finance for producers and their organisations by developing diversified and appropriate financial products. Smallholders and their organisations (associations or cooperatives) will implement the value chain approach as key stakeholders, dealing in particular with the issue of marketing their products.

The value chain approach will take into account the comparative advantages of each specific geographic area. Partnerships will be developed with other organisations working with the value chain methodology.

Short history of Caritas Switzerland presence in country
Caritas Switzerland has been active in Chad since 1973. After working primarily in emergency aid during the 1970’s, it increasingly moved towards development co-operation in the 80’s. Since the early 2000’s we have initiated a process of geographical and sectoral concentration which is being consolidated under the current country programme 2012 -2016. Caritas Switzerland has traditionally privileged partnerships with organisations related to the Catholic Church, in particular the diocesan Caritas (BELACD). However, since 2005, we have expanded our partnerships to include also non-religious organisations. Since 2009, Caritas Switzerland has a local representation in Chad which was converted into a full-fledged coordination office in 2012 and has been strengthened in terms of staff and material resources since then. Under the current country programme for Chad, Caritas Switzerland is thus fully implementing its decentralisation strategy as well as the programme approach.


Fields of Activity

Food Security and Income Generation
Humanitarian Aid


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