Existing partnerships

Nina Zenklusen
Institutional Fundraising

I would be pleased to advise you personally

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You can be involved in different ways; we greatly appreciate both short-term and long-term partnerships. Do you want your donation to go towards acute emergency aid, or to provide longer-term support for a project or a specific theme? Do you want to contribute to the project design? We will be pleased to receive your ideas and advise you.


Beisheim Stiftung


The Beisheim Stiftung supports our pilot project ‘A helping hand’ for its entire period, both in terms of content and financially. The close cooperation and interaction and the accumulated knowledge enable the project to be continuously developed.



Medicor Foundation


The Medicor Foundation has supported our organisation and our projects for many years, not just financially. With its great expertise, the Foundation also provides us with practical advice. This long-term partnership enables safe planning and is based on mutual trust.



Clean Water Foundation


The corporate foundation of the company Georg Fischer AG in Schaffhausen has supported our water projects since 2013. We jointly plan where the resources are best deployed and communicate with each other regularly.