Caritas Forum

Editions 2010-2023

The Caritas Forum, the social policy conference of Caritas Switzerland, takes place every year in January and is devoted to a current issue of social policy. In lectures and round-table talks, experts from business, politics and the social sphere discuss strategies and possible solutions for a socially just policy.

Past events and their thematic focus

  • Forum 2023: Inequality in Switzerland
  • Forum 2022: When poverty is female
  • Forum 2021: Poverty excludes
  • Forum 2020: Social assistance is indispensable
  • Forum 2019: Digitalisation and its social consequences
  • Forum 2018: Nationalism
  • Forum 2017: Right to work
  • Forum 2016: Family is not a luxury
  • Forum 2015: Immigration
  • Forum 2014: Under one roof
  • Forum 2013: Education against poverty
  • Forum 2012: Poor children
  • Forum 2011: Is geriatric care a private affair?
  • Forum 2010: Poor rich Switzerland

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Header image: Concentrated atmosphere and a large audience at the social forum. © Nique Nager