Help Syrian refugees

Help Syrian refugees

More than 11 million people from Syria have been forced to flee their homes, approximately half of them children. Since 2012, Caritas Switzerland has provided emergency relief and long-term support totalling 18 million Swiss francs in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and northern Iraq.

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Social Almanac

The Social Almanac is published annually and examines in detail social and economic developments in Switzerland. In addition, it focuses on a chosen topic of current social policy. Experts analyse the issue and its various different facets and propose strategies for achieving a socially just policy.

Published editions of the Social Almanac (in German)

  • Social almanac 2017. Right to work
  • Social almanac 2016. Family is not a luxury
  • Social almanac 2015. Come in. All for immigration
  • Social almanac 2014. Under one roof
  • Social almanac 2013. Education against poverty
  • Social almanac 2012. Poor children
  • Social almanac 2011. The fourth phase of life
  • Social almanac 2010. Preventing poverty
  • Social almanac 2009. The future of work-oriented society
  • Social almanac 2008. Solidarity under pressure
  • Social almanac 2007. Taking responsibility
  • Social almanac 2006. Mental disablement
  • Social almanac 2005. Loneliness
  • Social almanac 2004. The demographic challenge
  • Social almanac 2003. Health – a social issue
  • Social almanac 2002. Making people more flexible
  • Social almanac 2001. Social policy in a global society
  • Social almanac 2000. Social rights and equal opportunities in Switzerland
  • Social almanac 1999. Securing a livelihood in Switzerland

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