The kindergarten provides protection and space for development

Access to high-quality pre-school education is vital for a country like Kosovo with its young population. However, it is not assured. Caritas Switzerland offers further training in Kosovo for kindergarten teachers and provides kindergartens with pedagogically valuable and modern play materials and equipment. It also invests in the training of pre-school teachers at the universities and aims to improve the Ministry of Education’s coordination in the pre-school sector.


Country / Region / Location
Nationwide; and different municipalities in Kosovo

Target group
5 to 6-year-old children; current and future kindergarten teachers; institutions at national, local and academic level

Funding requirement
2,173,806 swiss francs

Project duration
01.07.2018 to 30.06.2022

Project number

Project objective
Improving the quality and provision of services in the pre-school sector.

Project coordinator
Sandra Ege, Tel: 041 419 22 13, segenot shown@caritasto make life hard for spam bots.ch​​​​​​​


Background information

The population of Kosovo is very young: One third is under the age of 15. The country faces great challenges in the field of pre-school education. A strong pre-school education system is vital for the country’s future development and its education strategy. In 2012, the Kosovo government introduced compulsory pre-school attendance with the intention of giving all 5 and 6-year old children access to good quality education. However, little progress has been made since then to achieve this goal. The greatest challenge is the quality of pre-school education. The main reason for this is the poor quality of training given to pre-school teachers.

Added to this is the fact that not all children have equal access to pre-school facilities. While in urban areas, many children attend classes, the attendance rate in rural communities is often low. In particular, there is also a discrepancy regarding the inclusion of children from ethnic minority groups. In the last school year, only 0.09% of the children in the kindergartens belonged to one of these minorities.

Good pre-school education is important, because the earlier children can experience learning, the better they develop their sense of self, their learning and social skills. Better quality and increased attendance are extremely important for children to enable them to realise their developmental potential.

An evaluation by Caritas Switzerland shows the existence of significant communication and information gaps at the Kosovo Ministry of Education. The relevant departments and their staff have so far performed their role to only a limited extent. The Ministry lacks an overview of the activities of all international and national pre-school actors in the country and has insufficient capacity and understanding to coordinate these. A good quality-assurance system is also lacking.
Caritas Switzerland has been engaged in the kindergarten sector in Kosovo for more than 10 years, always in consultation with the responsible authorities. During this time, several hundred teachers received further training, and in addition, more than 10,000 children gained access to improved tuition in well-equipped kindergartens in a child-friendly environment. It is therefore not surprising that the present project is based on a request by the Ministry of Education to Caritas Switzerland.

The Ministry expressed the wish for closer cooperation with the vision that in future, all children in Kosovo will be able to benefit from better quality pre-school education based on Caritas Switzerland’s approach.  The aim of this project is to pass on Caritas Switzerland’s many years of experience to local institutions in a sustainable way.


What are we doing?

In cooperation with the Kosovo Ministry of Education and two local partner organisations, Caritas Switzerland has designed a project, based on its many years of experience in the pre-school sector and the results and recommendations of a long-term evaluation, which aims to sustainably improve the quality and provision of services in the pre-school sector.

The project consists of three mutually reinforcing components:

  1. Further training of existing kindergarten teachers by a local institution (the Kosovo Pedagogical Institute), based on Caritas Switzerland’s successful approach, and equipping kindergartens with good quality, child-appropriate learning materials: Caritas Switzerland provides 100 kindergartens with pedagogically valuable and modern play materials and equipment, and 700 currently working teachers are given further training by the Kosovo Pedagogical Institute for a week as part of the project, based on Caritas Switzerland’s approach.  The training concept is practice-oriented, in-service and specially tailored to the situation in Kosovo. The syllabus includes child development, methodology-didactics, arts subjects (music, drawing and painting, handicrafts, language training for story-telling, puppet theatre), health promotion, work with parents as well as organising lessons.
  2. Contemporary training at the four Kosovo universities for future pre-school teachers, including adaptation of the curricula and practical exercises: At the four education faculties of the Kosovar universities, the curricula are upgraded with modern teaching methods for pre-school education. To this end, the experts at Caritas Switzerland will cooperate with the professors and other local pre-school experts to develop and introduce standards for pre-school teaching. 460 prospective pre-school teachers will thus benefit from improved training in their studies during the project period and will be able to spend 22 weeks of practical work in the kindergartens where the project operates or where Caritas Switzerland was active in a previous project.
  3. Improved coordination of all actors in the pre-school sector by the Ministry of Education: The Ministry of Education is supported in gaining an overview of all actors and their activities in the pre-school sector to enable it to coordinate them better. In addition, the recently created positions of coordinators for quality assurance will be strengthened.
    From the start, the project cooperates with a range of institutions at the national and local level as well as with the faculties for pre-school education at the universities and will, over the term of the project, increasingly hand over to them the project implementation and financial responsibility in order to promote the sustainability and integration of the successful approach. To this end, the capacities of the staff of the various institutions will be strengthened and broadened, and Caritas Switzerland’s long experience passed on to them so that in future, many more prospective and existing pre-school teachers, and hence pre-school children, will benefit.

During its term, the project will benefit 6,500 children aged between 5 and 6 who will get better access to good quality pre-school education.


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