Haiti: Project P220033

Smallholder families in the south of Haiti improve their income


Context and problem definition

Haiti is in a deep political, economic and humanitarian crisis. In 2021, this intensified with the assassination of President Moïse, the earthquake of 14 August 2021 and tropical storm Grace. The south was particularly hard hit by this. 
Agriculture is of huge importance for the Haitian economy, although it only meets 40% of national consumption and thus half of the population is threatened with food insecurity. Despite this enormous importance, agriculture is practised under environmentally harmful conditions, without sufficient research, infrastructure or support. Smaller businesses have little access to means of production, financial capital and know-how regarding the sustainable management of natural resources. This situation, which is characterised above all by problems such as a lack of supply channels, inadequate management of the water resources, rapid destruction of the environment, decapitalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises and insufficient technical support, leads to agriculture fulfilling its economic and social functions less and less. On top of this are the effects of climate change, which leads to droughts, erosion and floods. 


Our goals

The overall objective of the project is to enable the farmers and other actors in the agricultural sector in the project area Department South to increase their income in order to secure their livelihood. The project aims to strengthen agricultural productivity and commercial participation in the value chains and markets for agricultural products in order to generate income and increase the availability of  nutritious food for the people who live in the area. 


Our impact

In order to achieve these goals, various measures are combined: analysis of the markets and the viable value chains, provision of climate-adapted means of production (seeds, improved or higher-yielding varieties, health facilities for the vaccination of livestock etc.) for farming families, strengthening of the local seed systems of the different agricultural groupings, technical and financial support for the sector of micro or small agricultural enterprises, and promotion of agricultural entrepreneurship. The objective of all the measures is to preserve and protect the natural resources and to promote sustainable environmental practices.

The participants in the project can thus diversify their production with new seeds and by breeding goats and rabbits, which will improve not only their food security and resilience, but also their income. Agricultural micro and small enterprises are supported in achieving higher profits through value creation. The local population can cooperate with these enterprises and thus gain new outlets for selling its products. 


Themes and approaches

The aim of the project is to increase the income of the benefiting families. However, it also focuses strongly on climate protection because agricultural practice must be transformed in an ecological way in order to achieve a sustainable improvement. Agroecological techniques can be used to increase agricultural production without depleting the soil and other resources. The methods applied in the ‘Make Markets work for the Poor’ approach allow the market systems in the project region to be analysed as a whole and to focus on where a change benefits the vulnerable people. Moreover, the project supports people affected by the earthquake in 2021. It thus combines development with humanitarian aid (Nexus approach). Caritas Switzerland works with a well-established local partner organisation in order to be as close as possible to the beneficiaries. 


Project P220033

Income, Climate

Project duration
01.04.2022 – 31.03.2025

1,515,907 Swiss francs

Project areas
Département South, Cavaillon commune

Target groups

  • Vulnerable farming families, in particular those who were affected by the earthquake in August 2021 
  • Members of MUSO (mutual solidarity groups for financial services) and GPAS (cooperatives for seed production)
  • Employees of SME

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