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Specific emergency relief aid for Syrian refugees and needy Jordanian families

Syrian refugees living outside the camps in northern Jordan lack everything. The local population too is suffering increasingly as the refugee crisis puts ever more pressure on the already limited resources of the country. In this situation, Caritas is helping over 6700 people to secure their basic needs such as food and warm, safe accommodation.  


Country / Region / Place
Jordan / Governorates of Mafraq, Irbid, Zarqa and Amman

Target group
1,100 households (860 Syrian, 250 Jordanian / at least 6,700 people ); 80 Caritas Jordan staff and 16'000 indirect beneficiaries

Funding requirement
CHF 3,571,744

Project duration
01.1.2017 - 31.03.2019

Project number

Project objective
To contribute to addressing humanitarian needs of vulnerable Syrian refugees living in non-camp settings and vulnerable Jordanians affected by the Syria crisis in Jordan in accordance with the Jordan Response Plan 2016-2018 (JRP)

Project coordinator
Richard Asbeck, Tel. 041 419 22 29, rasbecknot shown@caritasto make life hard for spam

Humanitarian Aid abroad


During 2017, the already difficult situation of many Syrian refugees in Jordan further deteriorated. Of the more than 670 000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, 79 per cent live outside the camps, mainly in cities. Most of them live below the poverty line. They struggle just to cover their basic needs, such as food and shelter. In order to scrape together the necessary cash, they are forced to resort to dangerous strategies: they eat less, take their children out of school, refrain from health measures, or take on exploitative or dangerous work.

Cash support, improved hygiene conditions, winter assistance and individual support

Jointly with its project partner Caritas Jordan, Caritas Switzerland is helping 860 Syrian refugee families and 250 needy Jordanian families to secure their basic needs. A total of 1110 households in the provinces of Mafraq, Irbid, Zarqa and Amman are receiving limited, but, nevertheless, more-in-depth support which will be sustained over a period of two years:

  • One of the key needs of people is cash assistance to cover basic necessities, including paying rent. Every month therefore, Caritas Switzerland remits money to bank cards as a guarantee that the respective household's survival be ensured.
  • 30 needy households in emergency situations receive additional cash assistance.
  • In addition, Caritas is renovating 200 apartments and improving hygiene conditions. It is also helping the residents to secure the apartment lease contracts.
  • Winter is very cold in Jordan too. The cold and wet penetrates into the simple accommodation through every chink. That is why Caritas funds heaters, gas bottles, gas refills and blankets in winter.
  • In order for Caritas to address the specific requirements and needs of the refugees, it puts persons who need psychosocial support into contact with the appropriate internal or external service providers and maintains contact with them.
  • In order to strengthen both Caritas Jordan and its commitment, Caritas is supporting the partner organization in the development of a humanitarian country programme, refining the data management system and training 80 employees of Caritas Jordan to work with the implemented set-up.

In Jordan, in addition to the covering of basic needs, Caritas also promotes income opportunities for Syrian refugees and Jordanian families.


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