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Country Programme of Bolivia

Despite its rich mineral resources, Bolivia is still one of the poorest countries in Latin America. Bolivia has made huge economic and social progress in recent years, such as increased governmental expenditures on education, health and pensions. Nevertheless, many people in Bolivia live in poverty and the country is extremely vulnerable to natural phenomena: floods, landslides, snowstorms, cold spells and droughts regularly affect the country. Caritas Switzerland has supported poor and marginalised people in Bolivia for three decades through its emergency and development work.


1. Food security and sovereignty sector: To increase and diversify the agricultural production and productivity of small-scale, poor peasants which should lead to an increase in income of the target groups through higher value of their products and an improved market orientation. Additionally, Caritas Switzerland contributes to the strengthening of productive micro-business units (in a collective form).

2. Human Rights and Social Justice Sector: To strengthen the capacities and competencies of children and adolescents so they can deal with the adverse situations of daily life, defend their rights and exercise their leadership. Additionally, it is a declared goal to improve the quality of education and technical and alternative training of children, adolescents and young adults. Finally, a comprehensive care for abandoned children in transitory foster families will be established for lasting solutions that help to fulfil their right to live in a family.

3. Water and Hygiene Sector: To implement systems that permit the capture, conduction, storage and distribution of drinking water with sufficient quality and quantity. Additionally, the beneficiaries’ hygiene practices will be improved and finally the use, management and maintenance of drinking water systems by the community organization will be strengthened.

4. Humanitarian Aid: In the event of an emergency situation occurring in Bolivia, Caritas Switzerland provides emergency relief and support for the first phase of rehabilitation.

Linking development work, humanitarian relief and crisis prevention is a key element in Caritas Switzerland’s understanding of International Cooperation, and is reflected in the design of the Caritas Country Programme for Bolivia. Caritas Switzerland includes the cross-cutting issues of partner strengthening, gender mainstreaming, conflict sensitivity in all interventions in Bolivia.

The work of Caritas Switzerland in Bolivia has a certain concentration in the central axis of La Paz – Cochabamba, including adjacent rural regions (such as Norte Potosí). Nonetheless, small productive initiatives are supported all over the country.

The project implementation is the task of local partner organisations. The most important partners in the North are Caritas Luxembourg and Finland.

Caritas Switzerland is represented locally by a coordinator. The office is responsible for supporting and strengthening the local partner organisations in the management of the project cycle (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation). Caritas Switzerland aims to obtain local accreditation as an international NGO.

Further objectives are to reduce the number of partner organisations to about six institutions. The enlarged coordination office will be responsible for fundraising at local level. The financial volume for the Bolivia programme is CHF 5.9 millions.

A short history of CACH’s presence in the country
For over 30 years, Caritas Switzerland collaborates with the national and regional Caritas agencies in Bolivia, as well as with various other NGOs such as «Fé y Alegria», «Infante» or «Wiñay Pacha». The program focuses on the priorities of poverty reduction and the strengthening of human rights, primarily in rural, heavily influenced indigenous areas. In recent years, the program included projects in the areas of food security, promotion of micro-enterprises, health promotion through access to water, protection and social integration of children at risk from urban areas.


Country Programme of Bolivia 2012-2016


Fields of Activity

Food security and sovereignty sector
Human Rights and Social Justice Sector
Water and Hygiene Sector
Humanitarian Aid

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