Hunger and drought in the Horn of Africa

Two million Swiss francs for emergency relief in East Africa

The situation in East Africa has deteriorated sharply in the past few months. Millions of people in Somaliland, Ethiopia and South Sudan are suffering from the consequences of a three-year drought. Caritas is stepping up its emergency relief in the region and is providing a total amount of two million Swiss francs for this purpose.


The UN estimates that 23 million people are facing starvation. 5.5 million people have been forced to leave their homes in search of food, water and pastures.

In Somaliland, nearly half of all families rely on humanitarian aid. The torrential rains that affected parts of the country in June have further worsened the situation of the people suffering from hunger.

Since 2015, Ethiopia has been affected by the worst period of drought in decades. Agricultural production is in a state of collapse. It will take several consecutive years of good rains and harvests before the situation takes a turn for the better.

In South Sudan, more than seven million people are severely affected by the lack of food. Local production has declined drastically, and soaring food prices make it impossible for families to purchase food in the markets.

With its emergency relief, Caritas provides food, clean drinking water and animal feed. In addition, it supports the medical care of undernourished and starving children.


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