Information platform sheds light on female genital cutting

In Switzerland, around 14,700 women and girls are affected by or threatened with female genital cutting (FGM/C). They have a right to protection and support. For the first time, a nationwide Swiss platform is providing key information for those affected and also for professionals, thereby helping to prevent this practice.


On the internet platform, those affected and at risk plus their families can find information on the impact of female genital mutilation. The website is available in German, French, Italian, English, Somalian and Tigrinya. Professionals  can also use the website to find specific background information and practical assistance on the subject of FGM/C.

The information platform, which can be accessed from today, is being funded by the Swiss Network against female genital cutting. This Network was launched by the following organizations: CARITAS SCHWEIZ, TERRE DES FEMMES SCHWEIZ, SEXUELLE GESUNDHEIT SCHWEIZ and the SWISS CENTRE OF EXPERTISE IN HUMAN RIGHTS. On behalf of the Swiss Confederation, the Network will, over the next three years, be introducing measures to protect and support women and girls affected by female genital mutilation. The Network is financed by the government’s credit for integration projects (SEM) and the Federal Office of Public Health as part of the Migration and Public Health Programme.

As well as the information platform, the Swiss Network against female genital cutting is providing courses for migrants who are actively involved in awareness-raising in their communities and are therefore able to reach target groups directly. Professionals in the fields of health, asylum, integration, childcare, education and child protection are also being specifically advised and trained, as they often lack the requisite knowledge on this subject. The Network is also setting up regional contact points offering advice and support in social and medical issues for those affected and for professinals as well.

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