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Water for all

Having access to sufficient clean water is a human right. And yet, today more than 663 million people suffer from a shortage of life-giving water. People who are forced to drink contaminated water get sick. People who cannot irrigate their fields must starve. A quarter of all deaths in developing countries can be traced back to contaminated water.


With your sponsorship of «Water for all», you support the Caritas water projects. We build wells, cisterns and irrigation systems so that the poorest people, too, can drink clean water, irrigate their fields, and live a healthy life. With just one Swiss franc per day, you make a concrete and important contribution, enabling Caritas to secure vital access to sufficient water for families, villages and entire regions.

A world in which all people have sufficient clean water is possible. Become part of a large movement and take on a sponsorship of 'Water for all'.


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