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A world without hunger

One billion people suffer from hunger worldwide. Three-quarters of them are children. Every day, thousands of children die from the consequences of hunger and malnutrition. The causes of this tragedy, which means unspeakable suffering for every single human being, are poverty, mismanagement, climate change, natural disasters or war.


With your sponsorship of 'A world without hunger', you support Caritas projects against hunger. In a catastrophe, we provide the victims with food. In long-term projects, we train small farmers so they can get better yields from their land. With just one Swiss franc per day, you make a practical and important contribution, enabling Caritas to help families, villages and whole communities, to secure their food supplies and to build a sustainable livelihood by their own efforts.

A world without hunger is possible. Become part of a large movement and take on a sponsorship for 'A world without hunger'.


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