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Street children

Street children are faced with a struggle for survival of the fittest, without protection. They are forced to sleep in cardboard shelters and steal food. Their lives are destroyed at an early age through drugs and prostitution. Help to make the world a bit fairer. With just one Swiss franc per day, you give street children the chance of a better future.


Abject poverty, neglect, violence in the family, hunger, trying to earn some money: there are many reasons why children end up on the street, vulnerable and defenceless, in a struggle for survival of the fittest and exposed to criminality. Frequently, they end up dependent on drugs which destroy their lives at a young age. The Caritas sponsorship 'Children off the street' ensures that street children receive shelter, food, care and the prospect of a better future. And it protects particularly vulnerable children so that they don't become street children in the first place.


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