Frequently asked questions about donating


We will be very pleased to get any critical feedback from our donors. This helps us to learn, and to constantly improve the quality of our work in favour of people in need. Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Do let us know your views. We look forward to hearing from you.




How much of a donated Swiss franc reaches the beneficiaries, and how high are the administrative costs?

Caritas Switzerland’s administrative expenditure is on average 9 per cent and includes the costs for personnel, bookkeeping, information technology, infrastructure, fundraising and publicity. 91 per cent of funds go to the projects.


Are my donations to Caritas tax deductible?

Yes, all donations to Caritas are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes, and in most Cantons. By mid-January each year, Caritas automatically sends out a confirmation of the donations made the previous year. At your request, we would also be happy to do so during the year.


Who monitors Caritas’ work?

Caritas Switzerland is regularly monitored by external bodies. Each project is evaluated locally. Caritas Switzerland’s accounts are thoroughly examined by the independent firm of auditors BDO Visura. Caritas is also a member of the ZEWO Foundation, the Swiss certification body for non-profit organisations that collect donations. ZEWO regularly checks whether its member organisations are using the donated funds for the purpose intended by the donors. And Caritas offers quality: The aid organisation is ISO-certified (SQS certificate ISO 9001) and continuously optimises its services. Caritas was the first aid agency to obtain the NPO Label for Management Excellence, a special award given to non-profit organisations.


Does my donation really go to the project I have chosen?

Your donation will definitely be used for the purpose you specified - this may be a theme you are particularly keen on, as for example 'water', or a specific project you wish to support. Use of donations for their designated purpose is regularly verified by our auditors, BDO Visura, as well as by the ZEWO Foundation. If you don't specify a particular purpose for your donation, we will use the money wherever it is most urgently needed.




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