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Your donation counts

92 per cent of funds go to the projects. Caritas Switzerland’s administrative expenditure is on average 8 per cent and includes the costs for personnel, bookkeeping, information technology, infrastructure, fundraising and publicity. 


Enhancing donors trust

Caritas is a member of the ZEWO Foundation since 1942. 

A Swiss certification body for non-profit organisations that collect donations. ZEWO regularly checks whether its member organisations are using the donated funds for the purpose intended by the donors.


The donations purpose

Your donation will definitely be used for the purpose you specified – this may be a theme you are particularly keen on, as for example ‘water’, or a specific project you wish to support. If desired, you can specify the purpose of donations in the remarks section. Use of donations for their designated purpose is regularly verified by our auditors. If you don’t specify a particular purpose for your donation, we will use the money wherever it is most urgently needed.


Your data is safe

Your details are treated with the utmost confidentiality and not sold or disclosed to third parties. As members of the Zewo Foundation, we fully adhere to its standards. Caritas Switzerland operates its own database and administers the addresses itself. Data is encrypted when transmitted. Caritas Switzerland stores no credit card details.



Get in touch with us. We will be pleased to advise you personally and provide you with information about which projects are particularly in need of support.

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