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Making donations as a company

Satisfied customers, motivated staff and sustained help for people in need, abroad or in Switzerland. Those are the benefits for your company if you support a Caritas project.


Send out a powerful message with your donation, so that people in developing countries grow stronger economically - both as producers and as consumers. Poverty can only be alleviated on a sustainable basis if the purchasing power of the poorest increases. And in Switzerland, everyone is better off if there are fewer overindebted people.

Precisely for this reason, your company is in the right place by making your donation to Caritas.

Help to achieve the sustainable development of a functioning local economy in Nicaragua, or to educate young people in Uganda. Or enable poor people in Switzerland to purchase goods in the Caritas markets.

    This is how you can support us:

  • Donate for a specific project.
  • Organise a sponsored activity together with your staff, and you as the company double the donations they have collected.
  • Sell a product for the benefit of a project.
  • Give your staff or customers a gift from the Caritas fair-trade range.
  • Send a Christmas or greeting card from the Caritas range.

We would be pleased to assist and advise you in putting your ideas and communication requirements into practice.

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