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Inheritance, will, legacy

Many people who have shown concern for those less fortunate than themselves throughout their lives want to make a contribution that outlasts them. By leaving an inheritance or legacy to Caritas, you can save lives and relieve poverty - precisely in places where help is urgently needed and where you wish to help. Franzisca Beck at Caritas Switzerland is responsible for deals with your questions on wills and inheritance and can provide information.


Why are inheritances and legacies important for Caritas?
For organisations like Caritas, legacies and inheritances are very important because they enable us to engage in long-term project planning. Very often, they involve substantial amounts which we accept and are able to use for our work.

What is the difference between an inheritance and a legacy?
With an inheritance, you are leaving a part of your estate to Caritas. Caritas becomes a joint heir. Usually, the share is indicated in percentages of the freely disposable quota. By contrast, a legacy is a fixed amount specified in the will.

Can I decide for which project my money is to be used? 
Yes. Caritas considers it very important for you to be able to say what your estate should be used for. You state in your will whether you want to enable children in Ethiopia to go to school, or support small farmers in Myanmar. Perhaps you want us to help poor people in Switzerland. However, the people who entrust us with an inheritance often want us to be able to use their money for the most urgent tasks. Such donations are also very important for us, and we appreciate the great trust that is being placed in us.

How certain can I be that my money will be spent wisely?
We promise that we will take great care of how we use your bequest. We place great store by transparency and openness. Perhaps you would even like to visit a Caritas project. That, too, is possible after consultation. You can also have a personal interview with the responsible people at Caritas to get a picture of our work. If you prefer, we would be pleased to visit you at your home.


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