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Donate products

Caritas accepts not only cash, but also gifts of products: for example, textiles in good condition for its clothing aid, or food items and articles of daily use for the Caritas markets. We look forward to your donation.


Food and products for everyday use

Vegetables, fruit, bread, dairy products, hardware, oil, sugar: To enable poor people to buy food items at the lowest prices, the Caritas Market Cooperative relies on donations of goods. Since the Caritas Market has cooling equipment and freezers in the sales outlets, we can accept fresh and frozen products without any problems. Shower gels, shampoo, nappies, detergents, toilet paper and many other items for everyday use supplement the product range in the Caritas Markets.

We would be pleased to accept your donation here.


Clothing and shoes

Caritas Switzerland collects second-hand clothing and shoes in good condition for disaster aid as well as for disadvantaged people in Switzerland and abroad. In Caritas Switzerland's clothing centre in Waldibrücke near Lucerne, your clothes donations are sorted and prepared for sending on.

We can collect the clothes and shoes directly from you, or take receipt of them in Waldibrücke. Caritas collection containers are placed in the city and region of Lucerne. Some of the regional Caritas organisations also welcome donations of clothes. Please contact the Caritas organisation near you for more information.



In various regions in Switzerland, Caritas collects old furniture from you at home and gets it ready to give to needy people or to re-sell in its second-hand shops. Depending on the region, Caritas can also undertake house or flat clearances. The regional Caritas organisation near you will be pleased to give you information.


Donation of goods in disasters

Emergency relief in a disaster has to operate quickly and efficiently. That is why, as a rule, we try and procure the necessary items and equipment as close to the site of the event as possible. It shortens the transport distances and strengthens the local economy.

Where necessary, we provide clothing from Switzerland, sourced from the Caritas clothing centre, or specific goods for the disaster areas.

Companies as well as donors who want to support Caritas during an emergency are therefore requested to give their support in the form of cash donations. We can deploy these in a very targeted way.

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