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Our Community rules

A respectful manner

Caritas greatly values the digital exchange of views. All contributions and comments are welcome, including critical ones, of course. We expect our users to respect the basic rules of courtesy and to refrain from insults and personal attacks.


Discrimination and hate are not opinions

We do not tolerate any statements that are discriminatory, threatening or incite to violence


Fact-based communication

We value fact-based contributions very highly. Factually (deliberately) false reports and lies will not be given space.


Respect rights

Every user ensures that s/he holds the copyright or personal rights to the files or information s/he disseminates. He or she identifies quotations as such and refers to the author.


No advertising

Advertising for third-party products with commercial aims and political advertising that runs counter to the goals of Caritas does not belong on the communication channels of Caritas Switzerland.

Caritas Switzerland will report criminally relevant contents to the authorities, depending on the case.